• What We Do

    In the most basic terms



    We figure out exactly what it is you need - from consultation to full video production


    Pre Production

    We work with you to design the project and plan it out to the smallest detail possible



    We help execute your vision, whether that's a live streamed event, or a narrative film.


    Post Production

    We edit the produced content into its final form, and add any necessary vFx, graphics, color or sound work



    We deliver in whatever format you need, while also offering archival storage on our own server.

  • Services

    The Things We Do

    Live Streaming

    Event, Wedding, Graduation, Conference

    With the way the world is changing around us, finding ways to connect our clients with their audiences is of paramount importance. That's why we've committed to high quality live-streaming solutions that allow us to bring our clients' voices to their audiences - from anywhere. We offer wired, wifi and cellular bonded streaming services to a variety of endpoints. Whether integrating as a vendor into an existing event, or providing a full standalone streaming package, we're ready to help.

    Video Production

    Narrative, Commercial, Promotional, Non-Profit, Documentary, Political

    Our team specializes in video production in a variety of different styles. From complex long form multi camera projects to short form promotional video, narrative content and documentary pieces, we can bring our skills to bear on a variety of types of video production. We have both in house resources and a strong network of freelancers and other production houses to help make your vision a reality.

    Post Production

    Video Editing, Titles, Compositing, Color Correction, Sound Design, Score

    Whether working with content we've produced or provided by our client, we have all the skills to fully produce a final deliverable. From logging and ingestion through color correction, editorial, sound design, score, composition and final color grade, we have the team to make every piece of your project sing.


    Video, Streaming, Systems Design, Network/IT Troubleshooting

    Our team can provide one on one consultations. We have experience in a variety of fields, from video production and live streaming to network architecture, video systems installation, script writing and even fraud analysis!

  • Service Tiers

    Price Ranges for Production by Day (with Editorial Rates) - Prices WILL vary for unique productions

    Basic Production


    Single Camera

    ENG Audio

    Solo Operator

    Basic Editorial

    6 mo Archival Storage


    Standard Production


    Multi Camera

    Full Audio Kit

    Director + Operator

    Full Editorial

    Simple Color Correction

    1 year archival storage

    Full Production



    Multi Camera

    Second System Audio

    Director + Operator + Sound Engineer

    Full Editorial

    Sound Design, Score

    Color Correction

    3 years archival storage