• Services

    The Things We Do

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    Live Event Video

    V1, EIC, TD, Switch, Live Stream, Playback, Camera.

    We provide multi camera, multi input, live switched video production and live streaming through our vMix PCs and our Blackmagic ATEM 2 m/e switcher. We can provide graphics, playback and cameras as needed. along with operators.

    Our team includes several experienced live event video engineers, which gives us the the ability to staff a number of positions in any live event, broadcast or streamed video environment. We also have access to a wide network of freelancers in the Chicago area, for both union and non-union projects.

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    Standalone Video Production

    Narrative, Commercial, Promotional, Non-Profit, Documentary, Political

    We provide fully realized video production, for a number of destinations in a variety of different styles. From complex long form multi camera projects to short form promotional video, narrative content and documentary pieces, we can bring our skills to bear on a variety of types of video production.

    We have access to a wide variety of gear and talent to execute whatever vision you have. Our in house gear package includes 4 4k-Raw capable Panasonic camera bodies, gimbal, lights, sound and more. For larger scale projects, we supplement through rentals from our good friends at Eleven 04.

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    Post Production

    Video Editing, Titles, Compositing, Color Correction, Sound Design, Score

    Whether working with content we've produced or provided by our client, we have all the skills to fully produce a final deliverable. From logging and ingestion through color correction, editorial, sound design, score, composition and final color grade, we have the team to make every piece of your project sing.

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    Video, Streaming, Systems Design, Network/IT Troubleshooting

    Our team can provide consultation on a variety of topics. Whether you're planning the video signal flow for a live event, writing your next film, troubleshooting a barco E2 or dealing with finicky PTZs just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

  • The Production Process

    How we do it


    We figure out exactly what it is you need - from consultation to full video production. Once we've got a clear idea of your vision, we provide a quote, then a contract, and then we start working.


    Pre Production

    We work with you to design the project down to the smallest detail. Through calls and emails, we document and plan out exactly how things will go once the cameras are rolling.



    We execute your vision. And we make it look good.


    Post Production

    We edit the produced content into its final form, and add any necessary vFx, graphics, color or sound work



    We deliver in whatever format you need, while also offering archival storage on our own server.