• Gear List

    Camera and Recorder

    *RAW files only available with atomos recorder


    • Sigma EF f/1.8 18-35mm zoom
    • Sigma EF f/1.8 50-100mm zoom
    • Sigma EF f/2.8 70-200mm zoom
    • IronGlass EF mount prime Set - 28, 35, 50, 85, 130mm
    • Panasonic f/1.6 20mm
    • SLR Magic f/1.2 12 mm
    • Sirui Anamorphic f/2.8 50mm 
    • SLR Magic Anamorphot Adapter

    Camera Support

    • Miller CinX3 Head with Sprinter Carbon Fiber Legs
    • Manfrotto 546B Tripod
    • Manfrotto 502AH Tripod
    • MVM500 Monopod.
    • 36” Slider, Modular slider system.
    • Custom Turntables and Product Stands


    • Dracast 2k Bi Color Fresnel (x2), 1k Bi Color Panel (x1)
    • Mole Richardson 1k (x1), 650w (x2), 300w (x1)
    • Lowel Light Kit - 3x500W, 1x750W, 1x150W
    • Lower Softboxes - 2x1500W
    • 3x C-Stand, 2x Baby Stands, 1x Short C Stand.
    • 8x8 Silk, Flag Kit, Paper Lanterns
    • Mafer, Cardellini, A Clamps, TieLine, Gaff Tape, AC, et al.


    • Tascam Dr-70, DR-60, DR-40 Recorders
    • Sennheiser mke 600 Shogun Microphone
    • Sennheiser Avx Me2 wireless Lavaliere Set
    • Røde NTG-2 Shotgun w/ Shock Mount and Boom Pole
    • Sennheiser ew 112 Wireless Lavalier Set
    • Shure 4x1 Audio Mixer

    Streaming and Switching

    • ATEM Constellation 2 M/E 1080p Swticher, up to 20 SDI inputs
    • vMix Desktop - available in 4 SDI/1080p or 2 SDI/4k configurations.
    • Teradek Vidiu Go - Wired, Wifi and Cellular Streaming
    • Apple Mac Studio - Millumin License Included
    • Windows Laptops (x2), vMix and Powerpoint capable
    • SDI, HDMI and Cat5e cabling, various lengths